Monday, April 29, 2013

Badge of Courage

At times we have a moment of uncertainty.  Actually, I am learning to overcome my fears by practicing courage.  For as long as I can remember I lived in Fear.  It kept me from living beyond my comfort   I just preferred not to be noticed and not to take chances.  I have always been a quiet person without too much to say, assuming it wasn't important anyway.  You see, my son Oliver is battling insecurities and he is only 8 years old.  I ask myself, did I do this to him?  I just assumed, better life situation the more Happy and not Afraid person you would be.  I try to encourage him all the time.  I tell him how proud of him I am and that I love him no matter what.

So, I created these medals that were inspired by one I received during my time serving in the Air Force.

Its the only one I saved and I gave it to my son.   Its the the one on the bottom right corner.
Its one I earned for Good Conduct.  A service member earns one when completed 3 years of honorable service without having to be disciplined.

These medals I have created are for showing courage in any form.  I made one of "Noble" for my son, Oliver.  I told him to wear it to remind himself to have confidence in himself.  I choose the one of "Brave" to remind myself, to practice what I preach.  Taking a leap of faith.

You are probably thinking, "How did you choose to join the military?"  I grew up in the military environment. It's what I knew and was comfortable with.  Basic training was tough for me, I was not athletic or physically conditioned.  I made it through with no problems.

These medals are hand stamped metal with pin type fasteners.

A few more, up close: