Monday, June 10, 2013

My Creating Space

My space to create.

Everywhere I go in my house, there are toys.  My work space is no different.  My family and I have lived in our house for almost 2 years.  I don't have a finished working space, but it's my own.  I work in the basement.  Not too bad because it is a lookout. Still getting organized and I am able to work in the organized mess.  Someday, we hope to finish off our basement and then I will have a great place.

I just recently got a new table.  I was using a folding table that wobbled quite a bit.  I liked it because I could work sitting in barstool or standing.  I, like most creative minds, surf pinterest and I found a great table that I had to go get it. .

My husband was going to make me a table with this concept: sawhorse leg base and use a door for a tabletop, it was on the to do list.  This works much better because I didn't have to wait anymore.  He stained the tabletop a very dark brown and then poly'd it.  I told him not to worry, it was going to get paint on it.

So, I was saying, about toys.  I do share the basement with my children and their toys.  They run around while I create, so it can get quite noisy.  They enjoy being creative at times with me.

My family and I just got back from a vacation in Branson, Mo.  On the last day there, the girls did a little shopping in the downtown area.  There were antique shops that I browsed through.  The last one had a cutest tractor seat chair.  I have been looking for a tractor seat for a while now, to make into a chair.  This was a perfect find.  It is comfortable and just the right size.  My son said he wanted it, I told him this is mom's fun chair.